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J. Monae in Paper Mag

She looks stunning as usual!
Here’s the article

I am itching for some new music from Ms. Monae! I’ve listened to the Chase about a thousand times and I need moooooree! I guess I just have to be patient because she’s in the studio right now…


Bellasugar Interviews Janelle Monae!

The editor of, Annie Tomlin, sent me an email linking to an awesome interview she did with Janelle Monae! Here’s a few snippets from the interview:

How did your style develop?
As I’ve grown up, I started to extract myself from color. Black and white always makes me feel calm, and I feel more in control. I like to be in a focused, clear-minded state, especially when I’m working. I just like to allow the colors to come out and be my own personality.

Do you have any favorite designers?
I like Ralph Lauren, especially the equestrian looks. And I have a tailor who creates a lot of my clothes. Not a lot of people know that. I also buy in bulk. Look in my closet and you’ll see 100 pairs of black-and-white saddle shoes, 100 white shirts. I just don’t like shopping.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

Thanks Annie!

A Fan Uses Twitter to Meet J.Monae!

I thought this was so cool!:

Kevin “Chase” from Janelle Monáe on Vimeo.

(Gah! I can’t embed the video so click on Kevin Chase)

Janelle Monae Fan Art! by Niki

Here’s a portrait of Janelle Monae by Niki ( Single Bubble Pop )-

Isn’t it the awesomest?! I wish I could draw like this…excellent work Niki!

Janelle Monae a Headliner During the Afro-Punk Music Festival

If you live in/near/around Brooklyn I have good news!:

Janelle Monae will be HEADLINING on July 6th at the BAM (Brooklyn Acadamy of Music) for FREE! FREEEEE! I’m so jealous man.


I’m not sure about the time, but check out the festival’s website

Did You Know?…

Janelle Monae rides horseback? Annnnd she’s influenced (clothing-wise) by Equestrian style:


Janelle Monae performing live at the Hudson Hotel

She’s awesome live! One of these days I’m going to see her in concert…I just know she’ll be headlining soon.

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The concept of Metropolis, Cindy Mayweather, etc was conceived by Janelle Monae