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Dress Like Janelle…with color!

Do you want to dress like Janelle Monae, but don’t think you can go strictly black and white? Well you don’t have to!

All you need is:
a bow—either on your blouse or in your hair…Janelle Monae almost always has a bow!
stud earrings—I’ve only seen her in super round super huge white studs, but we’re trying color here (plus I think strawberries are cute)
riding boots—going with J.Monae’s love of all things equestrian
classy gloves—Ms. Monae always looks polished, and I felt these gloves made the outfit just that much better

Stick with plain neutral colors like light pink, powder blue, grey, tan, etc. If it’s too bright (or with any pattern) it won’t work!


The NY Times Loves Janelle Monae’s Style!

Seen on SFPL

Seems like J. Monae fever is spreading and I’m glad I caught it early!

Bellasugar Interviews Janelle Monae!

The editor of, Annie Tomlin, sent me an email linking to an awesome interview she did with Janelle Monae! Here’s a few snippets from the interview:

How did your style develop?
As I’ve grown up, I started to extract myself from color. Black and white always makes me feel calm, and I feel more in control. I like to be in a focused, clear-minded state, especially when I’m working. I just like to allow the colors to come out and be my own personality.

Do you have any favorite designers?
I like Ralph Lauren, especially the equestrian looks. And I have a tailor who creates a lot of my clothes. Not a lot of people know that. I also buy in bulk. Look in my closet and you’ll see 100 pairs of black-and-white saddle shoes, 100 white shirts. I just don’t like shopping.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

Thanks Annie!

Dress Like Janelle…for cheap!

I thought this outfit was really cute!:


so I recreated it in polyvore:

dress like janelle monae

Top and Scarf- Forever21

Earrings, Oxford Pumps, Conductor Pants- Modcloth

Charm Bracelet- Juicy Couture

Dress Like Janelle…for cheap!

So there’s this site called Dress Like Rihanna, that showcases her style and tells her fans where to find what she’s worn. I think that’s a cool idea…but I like cheap stuff so here’s the first installment of “Dress Like Janelle…for cheap!”

Janelle is known to rock 50’s style saddle oxfords …


… and I found a pair at Payless for only $17.99!

and the cool thing is that even though they may not sell them in-store they are ALWAYS online. Every day, all year.

I wonder if I could pull them off..

!link broken!
but go to the website, they’re there

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The concept of Metropolis, Cindy Mayweather, etc was conceived by Janelle Monae