Hiatus is OVER!

My deepest apologies to everyone who stops by this blog. No, my love for Janelle Monae hasn’t died…it’s actually magnified! WordPress isn’t as easy to work as Blogger, that’s the reason for the hiatus…I just got frustrated! But yes I know about Janelle Monae’s new album (duh! haha) and I will resume posting about her, her new music, style, etc tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


Dress Like Janelle…with color!

Do you want to dress like Janelle Monae, but don’t think you can go strictly black and white? Well you don’t have to!

All you need is:
a bow—either on your blouse or in your hair…Janelle Monae almost always has a bow!
stud earrings—I’ve only seen her in super round super huge white studs, but we’re trying color here (plus I think strawberries are cute)
riding boots—going with J.Monae’s love of all things equestrian
classy gloves—Ms. Monae always looks polished, and I felt these gloves made the outfit just that much better

Stick with plain neutral colors like light pink, powder blue, grey, tan, etc. If it’s too bright (or with any pattern) it won’t work!

Janelle Monae- (live) The Roots Jam Sessions

Hmm, I love her outfit! I need to do another Dress Like Janelle Monae post soon.

Throwback: The Audition

Here are a few (awesomeamazing) tracks from Janelle Monae’s unreleased 2003 album, The Audition. I would link to where you can download it but I don’t want to get in trouble! So, Google and you shall find.

And for those people who say that her whole concept is a gimmick- This album is from 2003 and she still had the concept of Metropolis, cyborgs, and Cindi Mayweather even then. Plus she still had her funky futuristic sound!

The NY Times Loves Janelle Monae’s Style!

Seen on SFPL

Seems like J. Monae fever is spreading and I’m glad I caught it early!

Janelle Monae + Others- “Open Happiness”

Sooo, here’s the music video for “Open Happiness” (Janelle Monae, Cee-lo, Travis McCoy, Brendon Urie, and Patrick Stump), which is Coca Cola’s new theme song I think:

I like the song, I looove every artist featured….but….I hate this video! It’s so cluttered and random and weird. I have to be honest.

J. Monae in Paper Mag

She looks stunning as usual!
Here’s the article

I am itching for some new music from Ms. Monae! I’ve listened to the Chase about a thousand times and I need moooooree! I guess I just have to be patient because she’s in the studio right now…

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Purchase Metropolis: The Chase Suite

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The concept of Metropolis, Cindy Mayweather, etc was conceived by Janelle Monae